Credit Image Sources: Fun and Interactive Flowchart To Follow

Proper credit of the source of your information is a sign of professionalism. It shows that you know the right thing to do. What you don’t know sometimes hurt you like in the issues of plagiarism. Some images was licensed which mean you can use that image as long as you mention the source of that image. Below is a funny but reliable flowchart to know on what to do in different scenarios of giving credit to an image source. This is from by Pia Erin and Yvette.

Learn To Credit Images

Photo Credit

By the way if you want to get lots of legal photos to use for your blogposts you can go to


LogMeIn: Remotely Control Your Computer Through The Internet

Get a remote control for your computer.

In this age, the what we called “Information Age” where anything is almost possible. The internet make our world smaller and smaller. We can now communicate anyone in almost any part of the world literary in a matter of seconds.

Well, here’s another interesting internet tool. It is called “LogMeIn” and with this tool you can use your desktop computer anywhere as long as you had internet connection. This incredible software will let you use the computer desktop or laptop of other people in any part of the globe remotely as if it is your own computer.

Below is a another presentation that will explain how to get this tool and how cool this tool is.

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VLC: Plays Almost Every Media Format

VLC: Play most of media file like in CD and DVD formats.

There’s a media player called VLC which stands for VideoLan Client. This media player plays almost every audio and video format there is in the market.

I won’t go any further, below is the 101-page presentation about this awesome media player. Everything basics can be read in this presentation. Read on. 🙂

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Windows Movie Maker: User-friendly Video Editor/Creator

Create your own videos.

This tool I guess is not so new especially those people in the world of video editing. But me at first time doing this enjoyed using this tool. The tool is  called “Windows Movie Maker” and it’s so user-friendly that I think even my five year old brother can do this.

Below is the presentation of how I did a video by simple drag-and-drop method of images and audio. Synchronizing the image and audio files with some added effects. I admit this is not the latest version but the principle holds in other versions of Windows Movie Maker.

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Then here’s the video I created which is also my example in the presentation above.

Evernote: Digital Note Taker

Make your life easier by taking notes.

Here’s another tool that can make your life easier especially if your in a job where you had plenty of things to do or more importantly plenty of things to remember. Now, with this tool you don’t need to remember and sink all your to-do list in your brain or at least you won’t need any paper to write down notes (somehow, you become environment-friendly, lol) because all is virtually done. As long you had a desktop, laptop or mobile phone with internet connection, taking notes will be as easy as breathing (well, not that easy but almost) and at the same time you can finish your work without the stress compared before you learned about this tool.

A digital note-taker called Evernote will radically change your productive life. For virtual assistants, Evernote is a-must tool. Me personally can’t imagine now my life without this tool, everytime I read something that struck me and I want to take note forever, I used Evernote.

This a presentation about this note-taking tool. I tried my best to explain the basics and I really  recommend that you try this on your own to really appreciates the benefits. Your won’t believe how productive and liberating your life could be after using this tool. Maybe, you won’t feel that way instantly but as you frequently use the tool, slowly you realized that Evernote becoming a necessity.

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Audacity: Great Tool For Audio Editing

Learn the basics of audio editing.

There were so many forms of media to communicate to other people.  Media was also use as form of relaxation like listening to music or watching movies.

But, let me just focus on one specific form of media which is the audio.

There were plenty of audio editing tools in the market today. Here’s one great tool which is absolutely free to download from the internet and user-friendly as well.  I experienced how easy to comprehend with this stuff and even for the first time of using this tool, I never had a hard time learning.

This tool is called “Audacity” and below is a presentation guide on how to use the Audacity audio editing tool. I include all the basic things you need to learn in audio editing using Audacity. So if you into audio editing, read on and I know that you will learn a lot.

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Basecamp: Tool For Project Management

A typical type of project management.

Businesses of different sizes and shapes use project management to collaborate different people with specific task. In this modern world, we had never been connected to one another the way we are today, thanks to the internet.

To make the most of the internet, people outsource to get the best talent in the world, after finding the right talents then they need to brainstorm without leaving the country, not even their office or their personal homes. Online project management tool was one of the possibilities.

For virtual assistants, they can collaborate ideas through online project management tool with their client(s). I learned one great tool which was called “Basecamp.”

Below is a presentation about that internet tool for project management with information about the different features that you can benefit from and on how to get a free trial-version to test the waters.

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